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Spectators are a big part of any cycling event and contribute hugely to the atmosphere of the race

As such we welcome you sincerely to Wexford for the 2017 Irish Senior National Cycling Championships

In order to ensure a great event for all we would ask that you:

  • At all times obey ANY instruction issued by a member of the Garda Siochana

  • Remember that riders and race vehicles may be travelling at speed. Please be always mindful of your own and others safety and keep the course clear.

  • Only drive in the direction of travel of the race, particularly on the narrower sections of the course.

  • Respect the instruction of marshals and race personnel

  • Where possible park vehicles off the circuit and walk or cycle to your viewing points

  • In some key points of the circuit, organisers are working to provide off road parking for spectators. Please use it.

  • Respect locals people‚Äôs right to clear and unobstructed access to their property. Do not block traffic or gates.

  • Keep Wexford Beautiful. Please do not leave any litter behind you.

  • Support local businesses.